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July 14, 2017   I have been asked (by the inner me) to produce my “Artistic License”.  It proves that I am an artist that is “entitled to stretch the truth, bend the rules and push the boundaries while performing acts of creativity.  Use with reckless abandon.”  The unwritten assumption is that I also am allowed to change my mind – after sketching and painting hummingbirds, western tanagers and other wetland birds to consider for inclusion in my collection for the Jackson Hole Land Trust’s View 22: Field Studies project (see my previous post entitled  ) I completely switched gears today and painted this little study I will call “Hidden Treasure”.  It may become a larger painting as well.  I just love this little gem of a secluded wetland in Wilson, WY, particularly because this quiet little stream runs through it.  The light glinting on the surface is what attracted me to it as a painting subject.  This piece is painted on a silver board.  I will try it on a gold board as well.  Stay tuned….


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