This is the most important element of my life and painting. But no matter how simple a painting may appear at first glance, the viewer will notice something new each time they look at it…whether it is a gently shaded sky, a richly contrasting mountain, or a distant river created by meandering drips of watercolor. Each drip, splash and brushstroke exists to be studied, savored and enjoyed.

I am solar powered – the more light I absorb, the more energy I have.  My paintings are filled with light and color, lots of it.  Intense, vibrant, vivid, joyful, moody, saturated, bright – these are all adjectives that you might pick to describe my work – and me too, I suppose.

My eyes see things differently than others – on a wickedly cold winter day, with white hoarfrost coating every surface including the sky, others may see a completely colorless scene. I spot a cluster of scarlet berries huddled on a thorny branch, the morning sun dazzles through the white dome of the sky, and a painting comes instantly to mind.