Working through Adversity

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November 11, 2017  Each year I am invited to participate in the annual Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival Quick Draw, this year held on September 17. As if there isn’t enough pressure in creating a finished framed piece from start to finish in 90 minutes – try doing it in 31 degrees, spitting snow and rain weather.  The participating artists do get to stand under small canopies, but with wind blowing the elements into the tent, it was rather a challenge this year.  I dressed for the weather as much as I could, including gloves with the finger tips cut out.  I had to position my table to shield it from the blowing rain as much as possible.  If a raindrop fell on the in-progress painting while it was still wet, that wasn’t a disaster, as it would likely blend into the wet paint.  But as the last final minutes were counted down a few raindrops fell on my already dry sky.  I decided it made the painting even more authentic, which I titled “Storm Clouds over Mount Moran”. In my introduction to the auction crowd  I described the “authentic raindrops” (they liked it!)  I thank Sandi and Bruce for embracing this explanation and making their purchase during the auction.  I hope the conditions are never as bad as this, in future years at the Quick Draw.  (PS.There were still hundreds of people watching the artists, and bidding on the finished artwork, in spite of the weather.  Love the support for the arts here!)

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