Women Artists of the West

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May 26, 2016  Recently I was accepted as an associate member to Women Artists of the West, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in the profession of women’s fine art. Why do we need such an organization? That is a very interesting and good question!  It seems to suggest that women artists need to be separated from male artists, or that it excludes male artists in a negative way. But that is not the intent of the organization at all.  Studies and statistics show that women artists have been underrepresented throughout the history of art.  I have noticed that although there are many women artists in the higher ranks of professors, jurors and judges, there are more men in that strata.  That is definitely changing, yes, but until it is a “non-issue” perhaps it is a positive thing to specifically and publicly acknowledge women’s accomplishments.  Awareness of disparity in the least, and discrimination at the most, in all areas of human equality is a step forward.  All that said, women and men certainly are equal in terms of artistic talent.  That I can be part of a organization that emphasizes excellence and awareness is an honor.

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