The Art Of Love – Community Entry Services of Jackson Hole

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What sits still AND twirls* around?  The answer is my painted “Lotus” vase for the Art of Love event sponsored by the Community Entry Services of Jackson Hole.  Their mission is “to empower people with disabilities to maximize independence and lead satisfying productive lives in the community”. This organization is hugely important in our town, and every year they hold a fabulous and fun fundraising party called the Art of Love.  Participating artists are given a handmade ceramic vase ahead of the event (in past years it was a platter), to decorate and which are, after completion, donated to CES for their lively auction. Funds raised help by providing vocational training, daytime programming, recreational opportunities, and 24-7-365 residential support. 

Sadly, because of Covid consideration, the event has been cancelled this year, and because the pieces are (in their words) “far too amazing not to be seen in person”, they will not be holding a virtual event either.  

However – I’m sharing this information to encourage you to visit the Community Entry Service’s Instagram or Facebook pages if you are able, as they are quite inspiring.  And to consider how the cancellation of this fundraiser impacts their ability to support individuals who most need it.

Annually Jackson holds a weeks long opportunity to donate to all of our local non-profits called Old Bill’s.  (During Old Bill’s the donations are matched!) The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole manages the donations, and Community Entry Services is one of the charities benefited by Old Bills. 

The vase I painted is titled “Lotus”, and will be part of their Art of Love event NEXT year, so you will be seeing it again next summer when this very important event will hopefully be held in person. 😊 

Here is also an excellent short documentary about CES I am sure you will enjoy.  


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