View22: Field Studies

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June 30, 2017  I have been honored to join a group of artists asked by the Jackson Hole Land Trust to focus on various properties protected by the Land Trust.  The project will culminate in an exhibition and sale at the annual Jackson Hole Land Trust fundraising picnic on August 13th.  This is a first in a series I will post on my progress.  My assigned space is called the Wilson Wetlands, a small intimate wetland located right in the middle of Wilson WY.  I never noticed it before when I drove by.  But by spending some time there I understand it’s importance – besides being a very lovely respite to wander through for humans, it hosts a number of critters and plants that rely on wetlands for survival.  Wetlands are so often drained, altered, covered over to create more land for us humans.  Without these wetlands these critters, plants and birds would not be a part of our lives.  Though I often paint vast expansive landscapes, my theme for this collection will be something much more close up –  wetland birds.  I made a recording of bird sounds on one visit so I could not only identify who made the sounds, but have something wonderful to listen to while painting.  Come back to my blog periodically until August to see my progress, along with my images.


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