Please VOTE – Finalist in 2020 JH Still Works label competition

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I NEED your VOTE (please)!   OMG, my painting “Shaken, Not Stirred”, is a finalist in the 2021 Jackson Hole Still Works vodka label competition!!  This year voting is online so people from all around the world can participate!!!  This means you. 🙏 😊 

Link to vote:  Though there is a $5 fee to vote – please note that 100% of the proceeds from the contest benefit the WYOMING ARTS COUNCIL. You have until January 9.  DO IT NOW!!!!!

Here is the painting, and how it would appear on the bottle. I created this painting specifically for this competition – knowing that the artwork distorts (enlarges) behind the vodka and glass,  I planned it for the perfect explosive “geyser” effect. I LOVE painting geysers and thought it a perfect subject for this application.

Share this info – The winner is decided by popular vote (not by the owners of JH Stillworks or the jury committee that chose the finalists), as I am probably the oldest fogey artist in the finalist lineup (of 8) therefore the least social media savvy. 




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