Winter White

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February 18, 2019  Most of you know that I usually paint very colorful paintings, usually landscapes.  But sometimes it is very soothing, calming and tranquil to paint (and view) a monochromatic painting.  Winter of course is the best time to experience such a landscape in real life.  And I know for many of you you don’t want to be reminded of shoveling feet of snow and experiencing below zero temperatures.  But I have discovered, since I live in the mountain west now, how beautiful the subtle colors are.  In fact, there seem to be many colors of white, and many colors of ‘dark”.  My recent painting, Let It Snow, was a lesson in just that.  Take a moment to see all of the delicate colors, both in the snowy foreground, and in the dark mountain in the background.  I will point out that the background is painted in indigo, with a slight hint of dark green in the lower left area as well.  If you could see this painting in person you would enjoy the sparkle of the silver shikishi board showing through the paint in some areas and completely exposed in others.  I marvel at the diamond sparkle on snow at certain times of day, which is impossible to photograph (both in real life, and photographing the silvery painting).  Let It Snow is on display at the Jackson Hole Land Trust and you can see it there – sales benefit the Land Trust and the artist.  Call them at 307.733.4707 and visit the catalog of work they have online.  

I think I may continue with a series of monochromatic works, though monochromatic does not necessarily mean low key colors – they could be brilliant shades of blue mountain lakes, red rock country of Utah…. Check back to see what I have accomplished.  


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