“Moments in Flight”: de- (or re-) constructed

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April 23, 2015  I was just asked how I came up with the concept of a layered painting and my honest answer was, “I have no idea!”.  Except that I had the various sizes of shikishi boards in the studio and was just playing around.  My intention was to convey the feeling of motion.  It is not one of my more traditional paintings, but now and again I have to push that envelope.  I am certain there will be more layered paintings coming from my studio.

This is the bottom layer of the painting.  (I added more cranes after I took this photo):


This is the initial background painting on the vertical shikishi strips:


Removing the paint in order to add the black silhouettes of the sandhill cranes:


Closeup of the strips near the base painting to show context and size relationship:


Finished painting with the vertical shikishi strips in place, permanently attached to the base painting:

Moments in Flight

  1. Kay

    I’d love to get the reactions of viewers regarding the layering concept. I know some people like vanilla and some like chocolate, so I am not expecting all to be in love with it.

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