I’m back! After several months hiatus

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 Nov. 11, 2011  I’m back!  After several months hiatus, I am excited to be back in my studio!  Several new paintings are posted, and one announcement that I am proud of:  My painting “Ruffled Feathers” was purchased this summer by the Grand Teton Association for their collection.  I am quite honored as they have some very prestigious artists in their collection.  (You can see it in the “Flower and Bird Archives” on this website.)

I took a workshop taught by Daniella Woolf in encaustic painting.  Soooo much fun and so very different than watercolor painting.  I plan to incorporate some of the techniques with my own painting and what I come up with we shall see.  In encaustics basically you “paint” with molten beeswax mixed with pigment.  Colors are layered on and textures are added using many different techniques. Things can be collaged into the piece and that is where I hope to do some experimenting – incorporating pieces of my paintings with an encaustic background.  In fact I will be teaching along side Daniella in the spring in the same workshop here in Jackson Hole at the Center for the Arts.  Watch the Art Association of Jackson Hole offerings for more information.  I will post it as well.

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