Hunkered Down

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June 19, 2020  Artist’s schedule before Covid-19 isolating – isolated in studio.  Artist’s schedule during Covid-19 – isolated in studio.  Artists schedule “after” Covid – 19 isolating – isolated in studio.  (“After” is in quotations because, sadly, we aren’t really there yet.)  The point is that I am used to working alone, without co-workers, without a commute, without interruption.  I consider myself so very fortunate to have that as my usual work scenario, and the fact that I live in rural Wyoming, with mountains and trails surrounding me to keep me sane and healthy.  But I did focus on landscapes that were visible from my neighborhood, as I mused upon in my last blog post, titled Close To Home.

I also took the time to move from the 19th century to the 21st century in my tech skills. I am not saying I will look for a job in Silicon Valley, but I am now more comfortable with the marketing of my art on several social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.  I have Rose Caiazzo, LLC, to thank for that.  She was an excellent teacher/trainer with low tech delivery of technical information, and a sense of humor to boot.  Thanks Rose!

In particular, I created a YouTube video – complete with intro, voice over and ending credits – of another painting from start to finish.  I think you will have fun watching it.  Below is the complete painting titled We Are Stardust.  (16 x 24, watercolor on silver shikishi board)  While you are there you can see a few other videos I created so folks can better understand my processes.


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