A little secret…

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May 21, 2019 I’ll let you in on a little secret – not every attempt at a painting is successful.  Usually it is.  But there are mishaps along the way.  I have stashed many a painting in a special drawer because there is just something I love about it, but something irreconcilable happened to it.  Usually it is a paint brush dropped by accident into a wet puddle of drying paint, or a splash from working on a different area.  Because of the nature of my technique and unique combination of materials, most mistakes cannot be undone.  But I just can’t give up on something that was working out until disaster struck.  SOOOOO – I have created a line of paintings – a special type of presentation – that allows me to recover those smaller “happy” areas.  You may have seen my “minis” which are deliberate studies that become larger paintings.  This new series is a bit different, though still small.  They are all unique and not to be repeated subjects – special closeups that I extract from this larger work that will never come out of its drawer otherwise.  I find a 6″ x 6″ area that is a painting unto itself, although the perspective or view is close in rather than zoomed out, making them a bit more abstracted and contemporary than my usual landscapes. These little gems are mounted flush onto a black or natural wooden box and can be collected one at a time or en masse.  Available pieces are included on my “Small Works” page.  

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