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Star Date 8.21.2017    ECLIPSE.  It is hard to write anything else because the word says it all. Just “Wow”. And “Do it again!” I had the good fortune to see the eclipse at the wonderful Darwin Ranch, in the Gros Ventre mountains and wilderness east of Jackson, in the path of totality. I didn’t take photos (my skills and equipment are inadequate.) But I painted tiny eclipse paintings for all of the guests and crew there. I just started painting and got on a roll, after figuring out a “secret” technique.   In several larger paintings in the gallery I took extreme artistic license (I have one) by putting the eclipsed sun over the Tetons to the west. I wanted to combine the experience of seeing the darkened Tetons WITH the total eclipse. Artistic license is a wonderful thing! Kinda like Photoshop, but messier.

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