Splash and Pour – Watercolor without the Fear

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Splash and Pour workshop June 2012 in Jackson

JUNE 19, 2012:  In May I taught an all day workshop for the Art Association here in Jackson Hole called “Splash and Pour – Watercolor without the Fear”.  And I mean it!  It is a non-threatening day to play with watercolor in a way you have never tried before (or to continue developing skills from previous experiences.)  People always exclaim that watercolor is so difficult.  Well, in a playful atmosphere it may still be difficult, but it is lots of fun.  Be prepared to come home with blue fingers, it can be messy.  Recently I had a client, who was watching me paint in Horizon Gallery, ask me how I knew what was going to happen.  And I replied “Experience”.  (Though in reality many times I turn an unexpected “splotch” into a happy accident.  Experience helps in that instance too.

More on the Watercolor+Wax week-long workshop that followed Splash and Pour in my next Musing.