A Painting in Progress

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November 20, 2019  Here is a series of photos (please excuse the casual quality) of my most recent mulit-layered painting titled Aspen Gold.  It is an unusual process so I thought you might be interested in the “building blocks” of … Continued


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July 29, 2019  First Place Award in the Lynn Thomas Memorial Art Exhibit at the Sublette County (WY) Fair. I entered a few paintings in the Sublette County Fair art show (which is a memorial show for an artist named … Continued

A little secret…

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May 21, 2019 I’ll let you in on a little secret – not every attempt at a painting is successful.  Usually it is.  But there are mishaps along the way.  I have stashed many a painting in a special drawer … Continued

Stickum Up

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May 24 – September 20, 2019  This painting of mine – Raven’s Spring – was among those chosen to be part of Stickum Up! sponsored by JH Public Art. It will be become a 6′ x 10′ mural pasted in … Continued

At The Edge

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April 12, 2019  Most of my paintings are of vast landscapes but now and again I choose to focus on just a portion of the whole view.  This is one such painting.  I love the interaction of the fluid paints … Continued

Winter White

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February 18, 2019  Most of you know that I usually paint very colorful paintings, usually landscapes.  But sometimes it is very soothing, calming and tranquil to paint (and view) a monochromatic painting.  Winter of course is the best time to … Continued


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Art for Open Spaces:  Jackson Hole Land Trust debuts four-season paintings from protected properties By Julie Kukral Jackson Hole Daily     Dec 12, 2018 https://www.jhnewsandguide.com/jackson_hole_daily/local/article_57774c08-57a0-5201-901c-c59e43f27588.html

Quick Draw was a success

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September 15, 2018  The weather was uncharacteristically fabulous, and I was pleased with my painting as well. (I thought it got away from me a few times but I “reeled” it back in.)  And it got a good price at … Continued