Watercolor + Wax

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May 2012  Early summer (okay, end of May is not yet summer here in Jackson) I co-taught a class called Watercolor+Wax with renowned encaustic artist Daniella Woolf.  I taught my splash and pour watercolor technique as a basis for the students to build encaustic paintings on top of, using the multitude of techniques that Daniella shared.  The venue was the Art Association studios at the Center for the Arts in Jackson.  Results were colorful and creative, and no two similar.  It is my intention to pursue this in my own work, not “reinventing the wheel”, but using it in addition and on top of the watercolor style I have worked years to develop.  This is a piece I created called Boundary Waters Memory.  It is on a wood panel with watercolor poured on the background, a silk print of my sumi-e painting of the Boundary Waters, and an aspen leaf embedded in the wax and textures added: