WyoView 2020 – Open. Wild. Connected.

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August 3 – bidding goes live online of WyoView paintings

August 9 – Virtual 40th Annual Picnic and Program for the Jackson Hole Land Trust

As one of 10 invited artists I created 3 paintings inspired by a Jackson Hole Land Trust conservation easement.  The paintings are part of a fundraiser to further the mission of the Land Trust, and will be live on the Jackson Hole Land Trust website beginning August 3 for bidding/purchase, and their 40th annual (virtual) picnic and program will be on August 9.  Please check out this link for more information on the WyoView project and the picnic (you can order a very yummy picnic meal to eat while watching the virtual program!) .


Visit my BLOG (Kay’s Musings) for more information.



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