Hello friends and art lovers,

Exciting news!!! You made it happen! My painting, Song of Wyoming, won the art competition sponsored by the Wyoming Arts Council and Jackson Hole Still Works.

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As I explained in my earlier newsletter, the Spirit of Wyoming is a yearly competition. (This link will take you to the announcement of the winning painting.) The winning original artwork is reproduced on the Jackson Hole Still Works vodka bottle label for one year, and all proceeds of the competition, including auctioning off the winning painting, and the other finalists' paintings, benefit the artists and the Wyoming Arts Council. So we all benefit. Imagine your life without the arts....? I can't.

REGARDING THE AUCTION of the painting, Song of Wyoming: The bidding is now live through 6pm February 5. The process, etc, is described on this link to their website. Click on the red link to learn more, and place a bid, if you are interested. I hope you win, this time.
And if you missed my 2024 "flip book" the first time I sent the newsletter, I've included it again below:
A new year! It's time for contemplation, and I have included an e-book with images and calendar pages for you to do just that. Pull up a chair and a cuppa and enjoy A Year in Color, and remember to take time to do what makes your soul happy. (For best viewing, click on the red link above, choose Full Screen, on a larger screen than mobile device.)

Bodhi and Lucky wish for
Peace on Earth for the coming year.

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